Strong will is more than strength!

There was this one time I thought: Man if my life was different I’d be way better off in life. Little did I know that one statement would come true! So this is a story about the life I had, and this crazy life I’m living. Trust me when I say that it’s really not what anyone expects. Hi my name is Amanda Anne my last name; I’m still trying to remember! I know who forgets their last name right?! This is all I remember, I was with my mom and dad just got done with my competition. It was a competition that I never will forget! I remember my dad and mom where so happy that I won! You may be asking what kind of competition I was in, it was gymnastics. I’m pretty good at it; I’ve also learned how to use some of the moves you use with gymnastics, for fighting to keep oneself safe. Where was I? Oh ya! We were driving home after my amazing accomplishment. I remember seeing lights heading straight toward us, and then it is all black. Then it’s my life now! I know I have an older brother, somewhere I also know my family is well off. I’ve never remember really going without anything that I truly needed, my mom and dad did make us buy stuff that we thought we needed or we’d die without it! So we weren’t spoiled rotten brats. When I woke up from that black fog, I was in this tiny room really didn’t have anything in it. My head hurt like no body’s business, and it felt like I got hit by a semi-truck. Then this annoying voice that really grated in my head, hold still don’t move you’re going to be ok. Then I was out again. Next time I wake up, I can’t move! Why can’t I move? Then that grating annoying voice says your fine your safe don’t worry everything will be just fine. Then I’m out again…. They say I was in and out of conciseness a lot, they are now my good friends. They told me that a truck hit my family’s car and my parents where dead when they went to see if they could help. I was in the back, they thought I was dead as well, because I was so broken looking. Then they heard me moaning, so they took me out of our car that caught fire. My friends may not have much, but for the things they don’t have they make up with the love they have for their fellow people. We live in an old factory; not sure where we are at though. It’s really cool I can still do all my tricks that I did when I was in gymnastics! The part that sucked was it took me a longtime to heal from the accident so; I’m still regaining my strength. I’m able to do more each and every day! They have been teaching me how to protect myself, they say I need it I really don’t know what all they are scared of. Just to make them feel safe I let them teach me what they know, they are really impressed with how fast I’m learning also how flexible I am. Even though I don’t have all the freedom of movement that I’m used to having. My skin is really not that great looking, it looks like I’m tied died blue, green, black, and yellow! I know I’m so in style, my skin is tie-dyed, people buy shirts that are that way. My skin is this color for free of charge, just not free of pain! Although it seems like, no pain no gain. I was on my feet 2 weeks after the accident, wasn’t for very long but they said I needed to start moving around even if I didn’t feel like doing it. At least I think it was 2 weeks, but I was out for a longtime so my timing isn’t the best to go by. Time speaking of, I need to go to the kitchen it’s my turn to help out with making and serving the food! We take turns on duties, the harder work I can’t do yet. Some of them even when I’m at full strength I wouldn’t be able to do; just the men do those tasks. One thing that really gets annoying is people think they need to walk on egg shells around me, they think I might fall apart. I miss my mom and dad, and I do hurt, but I’m not some fragile thing that will break if you talk about my mom or dad and that accident. I only really know what they have told me, so why think I’m so weak when I’m really not?. I really wonder what my brother is doing…. I really don’t think he knows if I’m alive or dead. I hope he knows I’m alive and well, and maybe come and find me. I really would love to have my family around me. At least the family that is still alive! Tragedies sometimes break us or make us strong. What does it do to you?


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