The Miracle Of Hope.

The world is moving in the direction where everyone everywhere needs hope in their day-day endevour. Everyone even though they know they will make it in what they are doing, still needs that voice from a friend, a brother, a sister, or someone who cares to just whisper in their ears those energetic words “You can make it”. But the best and appropriate time to give hope is when it is really needed. In times when it seems the whole world has turned their back on you, in a time when it seems its you against the world, in times where its seems you’ve got you, yourself and you again. At the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, In the middle of the semi-final race the dreams of one of the sprinters – Dereck Redmon for an Olympic medal gotcrushed by a debilitating hamstring injury. Most times we just want to throw in the tower because we feel all Hope is lost. But hope can never be lost because hope is you, and the moment you stop hoping, you cease to exist. We live on and by hope with each passing day. We sleep with the hope we will wake up tomorrow, we eat in the morning with the hope that we will have lunch and supper to eat also, we give birth to kids and bring them up with the hope that someday they will be greater than us, live awesome lives and give us parents a good funeral when the time comes that we dust our feet and leave the earth. So its all about Hope. And so it was that  while most athletes would just give up and submit to defeat, bend over and cry, Dereck was determined to cross the finish line, to finish what he started. This is bravery on the side of Dareck. Sometimes when we find ourselves in some really messy situations and it looked as if it is over, don’t sit there crying and asking God why me? Dust yourself up and say as long as there is life, there is Hope. So he picked himself up off the ground and started hobbling towards the finish lane. In the excruciating pains? Yes…. he did, he never allowed officials to stop him from the task before him. He doesnt want sympathy. Some people are known as sympathy seekers, always wanting to be sympathized with because it actually gives them pleasure. One thing l’m certain about is that just when you think you are alone, God always has a way of bringing that one person that will inspire you, holding your hands not to give up, whispering those energetic words into your ears again “You can make it, dont give up, you’re almost there” Then, just when it seems he might not be able to continue because of the pain, Redmon’s Dad forces his way onto the track. He forces his way through. Meaning sometimes the very person that will be there to help you, might be the same person you never liked or Love. They might have to force their way in to help you, after several rejects from you. Those pushing them away might be your close friends, they might be your co-worker, who think they are actually defending you but they are not. He forces his way through and puts his arm around his son, who cries on his shoulder as the two finish the race together with a standing ovation from the crowed.  Touching story indeed. But what will you be? A source of Hope to someone who needs it or a killer of even a little Hope that sprang up in someone. Be a source of Hope today….. someone out there needs you.


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