Discover the key to victory in Impossible and Hopeless situations!

Well, it’s a beautiful Thursday morning when I’ll write my last  paper and become a certified Bs.c holder in Political science  & Public Administration of Western Delta University, Delta State Nigeria.  I was over joyed after 4yrs of going through rigours training and classes that were not convenient for me. I remember one of those classes that was fixed for 8 AM when i read all night till 5 AM and decide to have a little sleep till 6:30 AM, only to wake up and its 7:59 AM. At that moment I don’t know if its to brush my teeth wash my face and run to school and return later to have a proper bath since the lecturer gives five minutes of grace to those who’ll come late. Don’t ask me what I did but I did something….. 

And so it was my last day of taking lectures, of writing tests, team papers, group work and what have you. I was super excited, I put on my white shirt on a blue jean, took my blue pen and my pink permanent marker so people could write on it because its a culture that as you graduate, people get to congratulate you with the mindset that they too will be congratulated soon. Which is so true. Whatever you celebrate, you get. You can never get that which You hate and talk ill of with passion. So, pls celebrate those at the top, congratulate someone who just gave birth, congratulate someone who just got a car whither new or old, congratulate someone who just gained admission into college or higher institution because you attract whatever you celebrate. 

Though I was happy, I never forgot that I had two courses to write that very day. But thanks be unto God that they were scheduled differently. I went into the exam hall for the first paper,the writing booklet and the question booklet were distributed . I took them, bowed my head to the God who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all I’m asking or thinking at that moment. Nothing is too big or too small to involve God in it. Sometimes we get too full of ourselves that we choose what God can handle and what we can handle as humans. We give Him the simple things and take on the hard stuffs just to show that we did something. But that will never work…it’s either God is in charge completely or you are in charge completely. Who’s it gonna be, You or Him? Choose wisely…..

1 Thessalonians 5:18 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. So, I spoke Gods word over the situation at hand by giving Him thanks. I did excellently well and was out even before the set time. When i was done,  i moved out and went straight to the other class where the other course was to begin and just relax and give thanks once more. When it was time, I raised my head, received the answer booklet and question booklet as usual and went on writing. I wrote extensively everything I could remember and others brought to my remembrance by the Holy spirit. After the whole thing, I submitted and left the exam hall. Now I’m terrified to move out of the school premises because people i know and people i don’t know are all waiting to pour me water, zobo (an African juice) powder, wine, and even hit you if care is not taken. When I finally got out, this was the outcome……..

On the background, you could see bottles of wine and sachet water on the floor. And on my head is the powder. It was fun though but at that very moment I was supposed to be in Benin city and take a vehicle to Lagos where I’ll be leaving for South Africa on friday. I quickly took a bike, got home, had a bath, dressed up and head to Benin where I paid for a vehicle going to Lagos. It was a night journey and also tough with the Lagos-Ibadan expressway traffic. I arrived Lagos 11pm. I was so tired but I managed to drag my boxes upstairs got down on my kneels giving thanks again for a safe arrival from the south to the west. But aren’t you tired of giving thanks? at least one thanksgiving should be enough… well, for all the goodness God has shown me that I didn’t pay for, and He simply asked me to give Him thanks? I’ll do it a million times.

And so the day of departure was here, but we arrived the Lagos international airport late. It is now a do or die affair, coupled with the fact that its our first time to travel out. Well we did everything necessary but met an obstacle on our way. Did you say obstacle?  Yes an obstacle that delayed us to the point of missing our flight simply because we were leaving as a group but it wasn’t stated on our passports and also the accommodations looks different but it wasn’t. Well, we missed our flight but we didn’t pay the bills for rescheduling alone. Our sponsor made sure of that. Well finally on saturday evening, 10pm exactly, we boarded the flight leaving Nigeria to Johannesburg South Africa. It was a smooth flight. We arrived on Sunday morning, prepared for Church (House on the Rock). We sang the song “God is able” and God healed the pastor’s child who was sick and couldn’t move. 

When God’s word declared in Romans 8:28… that all things work together to them who Love Him and to them who are the called according to His purpose, this little story about me  just alive in it. The purpose of God for us was to go over there and heal that child through the ministration of songs. The tough day in had to go through just to get to Lagos, the missing flight and all that happened, all worked together for our good. When we missed our flight, all I was saying was “Thank you Father coz you got something better” it felt really bad but we handed it over to God in Prayers and thanksgiving. When we come to God with an appreciation, He turns things around for our good and to His praise. Prayer is not always request as it has being. You can give Him thanks for Life. Whenever I feel the need to complain about not having a thing, I remember suddenly that I never deposite a thousand or a million dollars in my account for Life. If I did, I should be running low on fund now because there are other things I’ll need money for.God gave that for free. Whenever I want to complain for old clothes, I remember there’s someone out there who will be grateful to have what I dislike. Whenever I want to complain about not having much money to do what I want to do, there’s someone out who doesn’t have money at all. Quit complaining about what you don’t have, and thank God for the victories He has won for you, unseen battles He fought while you were asleep, arrows that flies by day that He defended you from, accidents that happened 1mins after you passed a particular place….. we can keep counting if you want but if we don’t come to realise that God has being Faithful even in our unfaithfulness, we’ll keep complaining. What would it be, COMPLAINING OR THANKSGIVING?  The choice is yours. But I’ll advice you to choose the later because I’ve seen God work wonders in Impossible and Hopeless situations.


One thought on “Discover the key to victory in Impossible and Hopeless situations!

  1. Though its hard sometimes to give thanks in difficult situations but when u have a mindset that believes that God is with u always and can never forsake u even in worse situations, it becomes easy to give thanks. Nice one!


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