Hit The Right Switch

Light brings smile on the faces of people. No matter who you are, at the sight of Light, its either a shout or an exclamation to show how excited you are, seeing the Light. In Nigeria where darkness is like a normal thing and Light is like a scarce commodity, at the sight of Light, after being in darkness for 3days, and Light suddenly shows its beautiful face, we shout like people who just won a lottery “NEPA” even when the name was changed from that to “PHCN” which means Power Holding Company of Nigeria, and now it’s Privatized, we still shout “NEPA”which means National Electric Power Authority whenever it suddenly shows forth or suddenly taken in the middle of an interesting movie or at night when you’re sweating profusely and you realise there’s no light, You’ll be like “Oh…… NEPA”

Well, this is a little insight but it is not far from how believers react when they receive the Blessing. Its all glorious, all exciting, all fun, all Praise the Lord, He has done it again, pls join me and Thank this God who is doing marvellous things for me, its all God is good all the time. Why is it so? A song written some years ago goes thus “What shall we do today, today oh, I will lift up my voice in praise, for I know, you are always there for me, almighty God, you are my only Love, no matter what they say when troubles comes my way I will praise your name”. After some years, it was changed to this “What shall we do today, today oh, I will lift up my voice in praise, for I know, you are always there for me, almighty God, you are my only Love, no mater what they say when success comes my way I will praise your name”. So when troubles come this new generation’s way it’s gonna be “God! Why…what have I done to You, have I not being Faithful to You, will I die first before You stand for me? I was watching a comedy of a guy being interviewed and the lady asked the guy “Will you give God 1million naira of your tithe, if you have it? The guy exclaimed What! 1million, for what? Where was God when I was struggling and suffering to make the millions? The highest thing I can give to God is “Thank you God”. Are you wondering? So I’m I. In this generation? Yes. People will only Thank God when it is all good. Even the believer that has seen the miracles of God. It is just like the Israelites who after seeing God turn the river Nile to blood, release swarm of flies in the land of Egypt,  release darkness over Egypt but sunlight over Goshen, killed all the first borns of the Egyptians, parted the red sea for them to go on dry ground, gave them (manna) the food of angels…..but they still asked “Can God make a way in the wilderness or make the dry land streams of water? 

Although situations of life can make us question God sometimes, but as believers, it shouldn’t be “God, why me, what have I done to deserve this,am I the worse sinner on earth, You’re probably punishing me for the sins of the past….” it should be like Apostle Paul“God, You deserve my praise in this situation because in everything, I will give you thanks. It should be like King David “God, though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil because You are with me. It should be like Job “falling down and worshipping in the face of bad situations”. It should be like Isaiah “the Lord will guide me continually”. It should be like Moses “God you will fight for me and I will hold my peace”. It should be like Apostle Peter “Lord I cast all my cares upon You for You careth for me”. It should be like D.L. Moody ” When his friends told him his pattern of Evangelism is too radical, he responded by saying You are not my boss, God is”. It should be speaking God’s word over situations that looks impossible.it should be reminding God of His promises concerning you. The world views bad situations with the lens of impossibility and man’s efforts but as believers, we view it with the lens of Possibility (God’s word) and with the effort of God. The difference between the people of the Kingdom of Light (Knowledge) and the Kingdom of Darkness (Ignorance) is the ability that we get through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit in us to go through tough situations, knowing fully well that His Grace is sufficient for us and when it seems impossible for us, He will through it also make a way of escape for us. We don’t get frustrated over situations, we rejoice in them because the Joy of the Lord is our strength. When men are saying there is a casting down, we speak with all Boldness saying there is a Lifting.

 While those who don’t have an alternative for Electrical power gets frustrated over power outage and blame NEPA for it, those with inverters and massive power generators simply switch over to their alternative power supply and the fun continues. This is also the scenario for believers and unbelievers. While the unbeliever complains and blame the economy and blame the government for the happenings around them,  the believer simply switch over to the Holy Spirit who is power and strength. While the unbeliever speaks of the headache like its his birth right “this my headache comes once every two months” the believer simply speaks God’s word based on the finished work of Christ “It is written by His stripes I was healed” it has being paid for and dealt with, not will be. We speak like our Father who is the creator of the whole universe and “call those things that be not as though they were”. We are persuaded beyond all doubts that He who started His good work in our life will finish it. Are you a student searching for admission, are you a graduate searching for a job, are you a man searching for a wife, are you a woman waiting for your husband to find you, are you a mother without a child, whatever your situation is, the Holy spirit giving to us as believers is here to help us. He’s a Helper, a Companion and a Friend. Don’t be like others who blame God when things are rough. Be a Holy ghost person who walks in the spirit and he’s unable to fulfil the desires of the flesh. Just hit the right switch!


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