Life Can Be a Lollipop!

I’ve heard it times without number that “Life is not a bed of Roses” if that’s not what it is, then what is it? A few thoughts ran through my mind as I critically analysed this phrase. Life has being so brutalized, battle minded, big business and serious business that we live it like we are afraid of Life…….. I grew up with a very hard mentality about life and it wasn’t a palatable one. I had a teacher who tells us in class that life is serious business so you have no reason to smile let alone laugh. So, he doesn’t come into class with a smile, he doesn’t tell jokes whatsoever to make us laugh. He tells us of men who fought battles with life to become who they were in the past. In the first instance,  Roses are good looking but they got thorns. Though its an idiomatic expression, it doesn’t really give a good definition of what life is. It’s actually saying life is not easy and peaceful. The individual who made this statement, might have made it based on the situations he found his/herself at that particular time; and now, this statement has become a yardstick for making life seem so unfair, wicked and brutal and for only the strong.

Life to me is simply what you make out of it. It might not be a bed of roses but it can be a lollipop as sweet as you decide it could be. The fact that life was unfair to one doesn’t mean it will be unfair for another. Our approaches to life matters a lot than you can ever imagine. If you deal or mingle with people with the hard mentality about life, you will certainly see life as hard as  a rock….. Life can not decide how we live. We decide how we live life. Because, man was not given to life but life was given to man; this puts him in charge. So, just one statement can not and should not be the bases by which we live our life. We’ve become so used to negativity that all energy is channelled to it when we say stuffs that are normal in some part if not all part of the world. Men! This life is messed up. Why? Because someone says it is. So, you love the word and you used it on you and now its working on you. And then you wonder why things aren’t going well for you, why life isn’t fair to you. Well you said Life is messed up and Life heard you and simply decides to be messy on you. Some parents even go to the extent of telling their kids stuffs like “My child, listen to me very carefully,  this Life is not fair, I mean not fair at all….” you implant a fearful mentality of Life into your kid. And then, when your kid is unable to attempt certain academic stuffs or stand before his peers, you blame them saying “I wonder why you’re so timid and can’t take risks. When I was your age, I represented my school in all private colleges debate and won the price, I did this I did that. You’ve forgotten so soon how you sowed the philosophy of fear into your child.

Just like you have various roots to get to a destination, so do you also have various approaches to life. Sometimes you take a shorter root to get to your destination simply because you want to get to your destination on time and some other time you take the longer root to say hi to some friends or simply get acquainted with the area to see if it will lead to a more shorter root or some other reasons. So you might go through life with the approach of Life is hard, life is not fair, life is messed up, life is a battlefield, and other truth but not fact statements, you will certainly get what you bargained for……… The reason you’ll get what you spoke is because you authorized “Life” to do what you said by virtue of your words. It’s really about your attitude towards life. Jesus puts it this way “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he” if we place this phrase in our context it will be “As a man thinks Life is so will he live it or rather will Life be unto him”. But if you go through life with the approach of Life may be hard but it won’t be hard on me. Life might not be fair to others, but it will be fair to me. Life may be messed up now, but it won’t remain messed up forever. When you make such statements,  Life listens to you and is aware you’ve given her an expiring date for messing with you.

Now, looking at both approaches, you see a definite negative statement and a definite positive statement. While the first is so sure that life is a mess, the other channels the energy to the positive that life might look messy now but it won’t remain like that always…..Life can be pretty daunting at times to the point we think  Life is only difficult for us, but there are others who are in worse conditions than us. The fact that everyone says life is messy and unfair doesn’t makes it true. There comes a time in ones life where you have to shut your mind from accepting what the public says about Life being messy, family sucks, living together as couples but not married is better, having kids is a bad idea so is better not to have kids when you’re married,  blaming parents for what you go through, girls/guys are heartbreakers so it’s better to be with same sex, responsibility is huge so it’s cool to stay away from it, and other junks the public is using to crush morality. It’s time to make personal decisions that aren’t just good but right, decisions you’ll look back tomorrow and be proud you did. Life is not what people say it is. It is what you say and views it to be. If you view life from what the public says It is, you will live the life that emanates from thinking like the general public.

Minister Josh have this to say about the wrong philosophy of Life that says “Whatever will be, will bewhatever will be will not be; you have to make it be. You have a part to play in what will be in your life, so dont leave it a chance. So, the public says Whatever will be, will be but someone else says No! I’ve got a role to play in what will be, I’m not gonna sit and accept a general statement and philosophy rule my life, I will create my own words and life philosophy. This is the kind of dogged attitude that anyone who’s determine to win should have. I’ll say it again, Life might not be a bed of roses but it certainly can be a lollipop based on your approach…….


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