God Can Be Trusted!

I walk pass this caption every week on my way to the church. It reads “GOD CAN BE TRUSTED“. Whenever I pass by the roundabout where this caption is placed, I’ll always look at it because it is captivating and welcoming. But I never understood why I’ll keep looking at what I’ve seen a couple of times and not get tired of seeing it. The desire to look at it was always there whenever I get closer to the position of the caption. It wasn’t because of how colourful it is nor how big the banner is or even the the pictures. But there was a word, a message it keeps passing unto me. A conviction, a confident smile that keeps popping up each time I set my eyes on this caption………… It is simply saying someone can be TRUSTED! You mean in this present world that looks so messed up we can actually put our trust in someone? Yes you can. And this is the person I want to introduce to you. An extremely wealthy man who is Love and out of who he is wanted a family like himself. A family of people who are Lovers! He so desired this family that he took his time to build a home, and placed everything the family will ever need in that home. It was such a beautiful place. When you see it, you will know that this dude have thirst for beautiful things because he is also beautiful. But how can a man be beautiful?  Well, thats who this very man I’m talking about is. In fact, he’s so beautiful than anything you could ever think of. The sweetest thing I love about this man is that his love never runs dry. It is from everlasting to everlasting. He is kind and compassionate, he’s entirely sincere, he’s always faithful to his promises, he’s sovereign  and doesn’t need any man’s approval, he’s enduringly strong, he’s eternally steadfast, he sympathizes and he saves, he strengthens and sustains, he’s irresistible, one can’t do without him and can’t outlive him,   he can be depended on anytime and any day, to crown it all up, he’s indescribable.

Trust is a very vital component in our everyday lives. People want to be trusted, people need someone they can trust, companies,firms, organizations all search for someone they can trust with its vision, goals, and ambitions. Just as we have people who wants to trust and be trusted, so do we have people can kill your trust for people and for that dude I introduced earlier. Most times we find ourselves in the arms of those we never meant to give our trust to but because of friendship and perhaps other life issues, we are in a drama that ends tragically leading to confession or decrea that stands for or against us in the future. It might be a girl who was abused from childhood by her dad or mom and then she grows up with this hatred burning within her for humans. She can decide to convince herself that it is forever wrong to trust anybody and trusting people is for the weak. The strong are independent and have to stand by themselves and for themselves. Or it could be a a boy who was abuse by that uncle or aunt of his  whom his parents trusted and sent him there for the holidays. He might’ve said to himself “mmmmm my parents trust this uncle or aunty of mine to take good care of me so I’ll trust him or her, he or she actually look nice from the outlook”. Well, this innocent kid will be so shocked at the actions of the one he trusted and might even think his parents intentionally sent him there to be ill-treated by him or her. It might be the first impression of a guy or a lady towards you on your way to work or in a new neighbourhood and that changed your view of people. It might be the wrong attitude of someone towards you in a religious gathering where you felt safe, secured and loved. It could also be the reaction of someone you felt sympathy for and helped him or her with some cash but when it was time to payback he or she acted really mean to you. It could be the first guy or lady you dated and it ended up pretty rough. And you made the decision as a lady or guy saying “since the opposite sex can’t be trusted I’d rather do same sex” and that’s where your comfort lies now. 

With the whole messed up situations with people and things, we still have people who love and care about people. The grievous mistake people make is that they generalize the situation. Like the example above of a lady being messed up in her relationship, and then she decides to use the word “all guys are heartbreakers”. That statement in itself is not true. One guy can not represent all the guys on earth. Also a guy can not say after a messed up relationship ” all girls are cheats”. That’s not a statement of fact or truth. We might have guys or girls out there who messes up relationships but we also have guys or girls who are faithful to one partner. We have guys or girls who will say ” hey, no sex before marriage”, we have men and women who are faithful to their wife’s and husband and has never cheated on them or anything as such. We still have people who give willingly and cheerfully with no strings attached. We still have people who harbour total strangers in their homes and care for them so well. We still have people who will defend other people’s kids as their own. We still have people who will take care of their sister or brothers kids as their own. The world is not as messed up as it seems. You can say “but they are few” yes it may he true but what matters is that they are available. In reality, they are much but not as loud as those who mess up the who thing….. You might not be in the right situation right now but you’ll certainly move into it. I’m positive about it because life is a process. You might not be where you wish to be, but you are certainly not where you used to be. And since life is like a moving train carrying different passengers with different destinations so will you also arrive at the destination that Love wants you to.

Remember the dude I was talking about earlier on? Well only him can be trusted. In a world where it is very difficult to earn the trust of people, a world where trust is the most expensive commodity, he can be trusted. I’m not trying to flatter you. I’m telling you reality anytime and any day, he can be trusted. There was something else I didn’t tell, but I saved it for now. So, this man called love actually prepared everything for the family he wants to adopt. And you can only be a part of this his family when you accept the free love he’s giving through his son. The sons name is Yeshua. Kind of funny huh? But as funny as that name, it is extremely powerful. So, this man called Love says “he’s gonna make you his daughter or son if you accept the love he gave through his son. You mean its that easy and simple? Yes. Man (guys and ladys) has the tendency of not being trusted because he is human and he is subject to change. But Love never changes. He sticks around when you think he should leave. As an individual, I trust love (God) for people not to fail,  disappoint, or mess me up. Because if I build my trust on you and say “I trust this man so much he won’t hurt this lady” you certainly will because the source of me trusting you is also human. But if I say “God I trust you to help this man not to hurt this lady” he certainly won’t hurt her because my source of trusting him is in the one who is not subject to change and can never be limited. The reason I’m so sure of this is because he said to me “He can keep you and I from falling” James 1:24. He can keep your marriage from divorce, he can keep you from drugs and its addiction, he can keep you from fornication,  he can keep you from adultery, he can keep you from whatever it is you are going through right now….. 

I speak to you reading this, with all confidence and my eyes above human efforts and strength that “GOD CAN BE TRUSTED”…………………


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