Best Way To Deal With Changes In People

One thing that’s constant and will forever continue to occur is CHANGE…..………… It is a natural phenomenon that has being even before the existence of man. Various changes and transformation takes place on the earth. Rocks, Mountains, Hills, Valley’s, Rivers, Oceans, Lakes, Islands, Wind, Storms, Earth, Volcanos, Floods, Trees, Flowers, Animals, Clouds, Earthquakes, Sun, Moon, Stars, Insects, Man, and every living and non-living thing on and in the earth go through the process of Change. Government’s changes, Businesses changes, Brands of various commodities changes and so does people after a period of time. Think about it this way, from the moment a sperm is released into the womb of a woman, changes has began. The race of who gets to the egg first is paramount. If they were all swimming at the same speed before, one of them has to to increase his/her pace to get there first or two of them or three or four to be born, as the case may be.Then in few weeks, changes starts taking place in the life of the host (mother) and the developing embryo which doesn’t look anything like a child but its a living embryo. Thereafter its a blastocyst which multiplies quickly. And in another four to five weeks, the tiny embryo is developing rapidly, leading to some discomforts with the mother. Then in six to seven weeks, its an embryo having a tiny tail and developing hands and feet. While from eight weeks down to thirty-nine weeks the baby is fully developed and ready to greet the world. Not forgetting eating always, vomiting, swollen legs, back pains and other discomforts that took place within these periods in the life of the mother. Human’s are complicated beings and are subject to changes. It is so unfortunate that sometimes we get hurt by the attitude or the change in behaviour of people. Most of these changes comes from the people we hold so dear in our heart and we’ve concluded in our hearts that they’ll never change and hurt us no matter what. 

Now, all these changes took place for a baby to arrive on the earth but it doesn’t end there. The baby feeds and then another dimension of changes begins. The baby starts growing again, little milk teeth starts showing up, and that can cause the baby to stool for some weeks till its stable. So, the discomfort has changed hands but not theoretically because the mother is also not relaxed about the situation. All these phases and more will find expression in the life of a child and in the next twenty years, you have a handsome man or a pretty lady as a child. But one would think the changes are over and done with; it continues in even greater heights. These persons changing turned out to be a friend, a brother, a sister, a wife, a husband, and an in-law to someone. And in the process of these relationships, there’s a clash of change in character and people get hurt in the process. And one of the reason is because most of us were not expecting the changes let alone ready for it so it strikes us as a surprise. We forget so soon the tremendous changes that took place and still continues before our path with this particular person crossed. A man gets surprised at the change in character of his wife, issues arises and he files for a divorce. The woman also does the same thing when she’s unable to bear or absorb the changes coming right at her. A friend gets frustrated at his/her friend who made a promise to always be there but when the time came to be of a helping hand, he/she gave a deaf ear or turned a blind eye to it. A mother or father-in-law who is so attached to his/her child can’t stand the presence of his son or daughter-in-law and so he/she does everything possible to mess up the marriage simply because the attention has being shifted from him/her. 

Accepting people for who they are and expecting them to change anytime and any day is one important back-up plan we all need to have as individuals. We place so much trust and confidence in people and when the time comes for them to deliver their end of the bargain it turns out you never knew them after all and it was all an illusion to trust in them in the first place. Take a moment and think about it….. “You really think someone who went through all these changes at different phases, times, weeks, months and years will automatically cease to change? Humans are complicated but wonderful beings. And these differences in character and attitudes makes us special to each other. These changes makes us value each other. If we were all programmed like robots to do thesame thing, it would’ve being horrible and boring. If you will just understand that your husband, wife, brother, sister, your friend, your colleague, your partner, is liable to change any moment and you decide to love and forgive them in advance for that change you’re going to have fun in and with life. I saw a caption that reads “You can never change people, they are who they are, accept that. But you can always change how you feel about them” when i saw it, i said to myself this is so true… I might not like the change of your attitude towards me, the change of attitude might even be caused by me unknowingly, but i will love you all thesame. It might hurt pretty bad but Love never fails because giving up on things is not good but giving up on people is not an option. That person who always gave you an helping hand can decide not to continue anymore; don’t be mad at him/her, thank him/her for the previous helps you’ve received so far and move on because someone else is ready to help you…..

That’s the funny thing about life. We are all connected to one another all around the world. When one person cease to help you out, someone else is seeking to help you; its just a matter of time and chance before you two met. Myles Munroe made a statement in his book “The purpose and power of Love and Marriage” he said  (Marriage is a steady, unchanging institution entered into by two people who are constantly changing as they grow and mature.) Same way I’ll say, life is always there, friendships are always there, relationships will always be there but the people involved in it will always change and it takes only a heart that has the mindset of the future to overlook the changes and decide before hand that no matter what, these changes that will emanate from this person or group of persons I’ll meet or have met won’t affect the way I feel about them because I Love them either ways. In conclusion, We are humans and we will always change  and this is what makes us all unique…. No matter what, don’t allow how you feel and your Love for that person or persons


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