Mothers Are Awesome!

I’ll be talking about motherhood today. Well, what does a dude know about motherhood? Just sit back, relax as this dude tells you what he knows, lol. First of all this dude’s got a mom so he’s got experiences of what it means to have a mother. Growing up with my mother was an amazing, exciting, fun filed, adventurous and graceful experience I’ll forever live to remember. So, the first quality of a mother is “She Cares so much for her own and others.” I never in my life experienced starvation while growing as a child. A mother will never sit in front of the tv watching fashion tv while her child is hungry and crying so bad that the neighbours could hear. She doesn’t care if she has had something to eat before feeding her child. What matters to her at that moment is to calm the baby through the breast mechanism or through songs which is why most baby’s grew up loving songs because they’ve being in the atmosphere of songs from the beginning. A mother can pick up a child that’s not hers and treat him/her like hers. What connects every mother is a child whither hers or not and what connects every child is a mother. The second quality is “She is an absorber“. Scientifically it has being proven that women speak five thousand words in a day; and when she’s not allowed to speak them all out and clear her mind, she carries the remaining words over to the next day, and adds it to a new five thousand words. She absorbs the pains, discomforts, and worries of being pregnant for nine months, coupled with the fact that she and her hubby might not agree with some certain issues she bears all these pains so her child or people around won’t have to notice any problem. You can call it pretence, but i call it absorption. And only a mother (woman) can do that.

Thirdly, “She has the ability to adapt” adaptation is one great quality God installed in a woman (mother). In any situation she finds herself she can cope. She can modify and remodel any ugly situation to the degree others might wonder how she’s doing it. She’s not performing no magic, its inbuilt. It amazes me how my mother does that sometimes, how she’s able to convince us her kids also. Even when we know vividly that the situation sucks, as long as she has adapted she doesn’t leave us alone in the scene where we’ll keep asking ourselves if its ever going to be better. She’ll keeps telling us not to worry and we believe it so much that sometimes when she loses her balance of Faith, we who were once faithless helps her to hold on. What a chain…… Another quality is “She’s a disciplinarian.”  Growing up as kids, stupidity always shows up in our behaviours but a mother is always around with her rod of correction. Over here in Africa and in Nigeria to be precise, we believe a child does not only belong to a family it belongs to a community. Meaning another mother can discipline a child in the absence of his/her mother. They do this because they believe if a child is good, its for the good of the community but if a child is bad, the whole community suffers it. The levels of discipline changes as one grows older. A mother doesn’t spank her child in public; just a sign language and the child quickly understands what the mother is talking about without raising her voice.

Also, “She’s a risk taker” mother’s most times take risks that are meant to bring joy and happiness to her family after they have carefully weighed every option. A mother can go to any length to make sure her child does not starve or have the slightest idea there won’t be food on the table. She would rather see her family happy at her expense than sit and watch her family being humiliated. Because she’s a goal getter, she doesn’t set goals and leave unaccomplished. If a mother says to herself “I must get the school fee of my child today” oh, trust me she will. They understand the power of words better than men so they don’t joke with their words like men do. That’s why when a father say words like “Oh, I’m finished, how am I going to start all over again,  I’ve lost everything, what will I do now?” She in return will counter those words by saying “Don’t worry honey, everything will be just fine, you’ll see.” This sometimes makes me feel they can see the future because as long as they have spoken those words and keep saying it, things drastically changes and even better than the first; and the husband starts rejoicing again and completely forgot those words he said when the whole thing was a mess.

Lastly I’ll say a mother’s unconditional love is what keeps her and makes her unique. Truly I might not be a mother but I’ve experienced it for myself. These and more are what a mother is…. to every good mother out there, you rock and i love you……


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