Women Are Special!

Women have being so bastardized, so crushed, so minimized, so belittled, and truncated to be of less worth in our society. I thought being in the 21 century would reduce that stinky ideology but it seems its even worse because it has being modernized to be “I don’t want my wife to stress herself, I’ll do the whole work while she takes care of our kids and our home. I want to marry an educated lady then after the marriage she becomes a full time house wife and her degree becomes garbage. I want my wife to have all the curves you can ever think of, attractive body and every other thing that will make a man go crazy and I’ll spoil her with money because that’s all she cares about. I want the street, the state, the country and the world to know the calibre of woman that I got married to because I made her who she is today.” All these and more are the crazy things happening in our present society where people are supposed to be way intelligent and exposed to technology than before; yet they still act this way. I have nothing against men! Men are awesome creatures as well. But men need to understand that women are much more than how they logically and psychologically see them. The fact that some women out of frustration have lost their self-respect and worth doesn’t mean all other good women have to go down for it. It doesnt matter the ideology you grew up with as a man, every wrong ideology can be destroyed by a counter-ideology. The ideology of a woman being a sex machine has be broken from you because you can’t possibly say “My hands are only meant for eating and aside eating, my hands can’t drive, can’t cook or dress myself” I believe that will be a disaster to you. Then if it will be a humongous disaster on you, why do it to someone who is now part of you?

I don’t believe for one seconds that  women are meant to be punching bags by men; be it hubby, fiancee or just a boyfriend. No! No way. It is an error for a man to do such a shameful act and be satisfied in it. He can even go ahead as a married man to tell his friends how he dealt with her and placed her where she belongs. Congratulations blackbet holder, your name just appeared on the Guinness book of record as the man who always gives his wife, fiancee or girlfriend a black eye.Wow! What an achievement of dishonour and shame. The wrong ideology that woman is spelt as “Money” is one of the most highly rated and comtinues problem we’re having in our world today. Ladies are being quantified in monetary terms and they feel ok with it. Ladies are not Bitcoin, Dollar, Pounds or Yuan they are living beings created in the image and likeness of God and they are meant to be appreciated not deprecated. A good woman is a home fixer and a builder. I’m not in the party of all women wants money. Money is good but it can never replace love and affection in a relationship. Some men will complain saying “I give her everything she wants money, cars, you name it. What else does she wants from me?” First of all you didn’t just marry her just to give her that, neither did she marry you for that. Never forget you also swore to give her your life as long as you live so how come its no longer your life but money and cars? And now you say women are all after money. It is not a fact, it is an assumptous statement that has grown like a virus but for every virus there’s an antivirus. We need to understand that a woman was the last child of God and He took His time to make sure she comes out perfectly so please, nobody should relegate her to some systematic approach.

Just like flowers takes time to develop and thereafter bloom, so does women. It doesn’t happen over night. It takes days and weeks to see a beautiful rose flower. So, don’t give up on that wife or fiancee of yours.  Every woman is special and unique in her special way. Whatever you do please don’t compare your wife or fiancee to another woman out there. Women are not for show offs, they are creatures made in love, for love and to love. I may not be a woman but I came through a woman and I believe they are awesome creatures………


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