Three Factors You Can’t Change in Life!

Life to me is beautiful and full of challenges and these challenges are what really makes us different because of what we’ve being through as individuals. But sometimes we get so excited and we become so picky on certain things, we become unsatisfied with what we have, who we are, where we came from and by all means want to change certain things. Thank Goodness not everyone is unsatisfied with themselves or some other things. Anyways, here are three things you should never ever try to change……….


The family is the foundation of every human relationship on the face of the earth. It is so designed in a way that we carry it every where we go and it remains in our heart irrespective of where we are. The family is where we learn how to be friendly or to be hateful. It is where we learn to be grateful or ungrateful. It is where we first hear the amazing three words “I Love You” or “I Hate You”. It is where we first learn about God and how much He loves us and want a relationship with us, it is our first school before we go out into the world and learn other stuffs. But sometimes we get so annoyed with the family we came from and start playing the blame-game. If my Dad was wealthy, i wouldn’t be living this kind of life. If my mom had married right, my life would’ve being more better than this. I don’t understand the kind of poverty stricken family I came from; no one is well able enough to help the other everyone is so poor. My life would’ve being more honourable if my Dad hadn’t marry another woman into our home. Well, you can go on and on and keep blaming family for your mishap instead of thanking God for you family and who you’ve become over the years through this same family. We don’t choose our family, family choose us. Instead of getting upset over your family, be grateful for where and who you’ve become. One thing I always stand on is the fact that my family background can never determine how my life will turn out. So I don’t have to blame my family for my life because my life does not revolve around my background but it revolves around my creator (God) and He alone has the final say on who I’ll become and how far I’ll go in life as time goes on.


This is another factor that some individuals border ourselves about for years trying to fix. The reason it’s called past is because it has nothing to do with the present but humans most times don’t want to let go of it. It makes them feel vulnerable to certain situations. Take for instance a lady who was deceived by a guy that he loves her so much then later broke her heart; the I lady carries this memory every where she goes and she may end up seeing all guys as thesame as the one who broke her heart. Theres no point in hanging on to the past especially if its a bad experience. Some people will say they are holding they’re holding on to the past because they learn from it. I believe there’s different between learning and suffering. Even learning can be negative when you’re learning something wrong. Suffering from a bad experience is never an option I’ll advice anyone. Someone who doesn’t forgive easily and keeps record of wrong done to him/her tells you he/she has being hurt so much by people and now that the lesson is learnt, no more forgiving or letting go easily. Guess what the lesson learned is? Unforgiveness! Someone whose father is strict and harsh like a bulldog can equally learn from his past and become a pain to his own kids when he’s present while the kids rejoices and throws a party for his absence. Amazingly, some people hang on to the past because it makes them feel strong to handle things like breakups, cheating husbands or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend. But tell me how is that strength? I’ll call it a blockade because you were supposed to be a lovely father but now you are a tyrant in your own home and to your own kids; how sad! I do believe that even though we can’t change the past, we can effect a positive change that can affect the future. The past can’t be changed but the future is pregnant with great things that can polished it excellently from the present.


I heard a funny story of  how God sent an Angel with various packages of blessings to a gorgeous lady. God gave the photographic representation of the lady to the Angel. When the Angel got to earth and to the address of the lady, he went into the house, he saw a lady sitting on the couch but she did not match the photograph in his hands. He had to return the blessings to God. It’s a funny you’ll say, but we have people who are not satisfied with the way they look, too slim, too fat, too short, nose too pointed, hair too short, jaw too large, teeth too big, butt too small, and other unsatisfied complaints about ourselves on how we look or want to look. It’s possible you can spend millions of Dollars just to change the way you look, but i bet you you are your special kind and you don’t have a photocopy of you. The way you behave, move, smiles, talk, and do other things is strictly your way. Nobody’s like you and there will never be your kind. Why go through so much pains just to look like someone else? I have nothing against plastic surgeries, all I’m saying is, the creator of the earth who is also your father, loves you the way you are…… In fact He created you for His pleasure. Trying to change how you look simply means He made a mistake and you know thats impossible…….

The thing is, our family is a unique part of us that we can never ever be able to do without but we can stand out to be different from the wrong status quo laid down. Our past, we can’t change but we can do something about the future we are moving into with each day that passes by. And our body, that’s the temple of Jehovah and He loves you the way you look. So, take note of these three factors and have great fun with them for others to learn good  lessons from and pass on to the next generation…….


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