Throw Away Junks, 2017 is knocking……..

In just a day from now, the year 2016 will be rolling away making way for year 2017 to step in majestically.  But the year 2016 getting ready to roll out had its ups and downs, rough situations,  wrong choices that we made, knowingly and unknowingly to us. Within the year 2016, some of us were in very terrible situations that looked impossible to come out from but God in His Loving kindness saved us. Some of us were involved in terrible accidents but are still alive. I remember plugging my laptop and my Samsung Tablet in my room and left the room to go check on something downstairs and when I returned, the whole room was filled with smoke………my Tablets charger caught fire and got the whole multi- socket burnt, my laptops charger got burnt and as well as part of the rug but nothing else was burnt. This is exactly why i say if it had not been the Lord who was on my side, let Voke say so… I can’t forget how we say it over here in Nigeria “New Year, New Character” but most times things don’t always turn out the way we said they would. Besides we just say New Character but no specifics if this New Character is right or wrong, if it will put a smile on the faces of others or make them sad, if it will attract more people to you or chase them far away from you. I come to realize that the reason the phrase “New Year, New Character” doesn’t work is because we wait till we get into the New Year and also because we only spoke words without ACTION to back it all up…. there were no desired dreams or goals, no desired changes in certain areas of our lives we would want to let go. And even if we want any change to take place, we had no plan of how it will take place so we live every Year shouting “Happy New Year” and still remain the same all the years but just add up change in size and statue. We have never been in 2017 before… which makes it a spectacular year but a spectacular year can turn out to be a disastrous year if one don’t enter prepared. So how do you prepare into the upcoming year….?


One of the major things that hinders people in life is the ability to hold on to the past and not let go.I call it an ability because it takes strength to hold on to the past.The past could be unforgiveness… seems very hard to forgive someone who hurt you in this present world . Even friends that go way back from childhood find it very difficult to forgive. It is not a crime to be hurt in one way or the other…. we’ve all had our share of hurts even from people so dear to our hearts but it is dangerous to hold on to the hurt like an Olympic gold medal. You got to forgive that person and move on… unforgiveness is like a “Time bomb” waiting to explode. You don’t want to be your own suicide killer. But Voke, you don’t understand what he did, he slept with my wife, she snatched my husband from me, he lied against me and I was fired, she turned my husband, boss, sister or brother against me, he stole my heart earned cash and travelled abroad, she connived with certain guys and I was robbed, he raped me when I visited him for the first time, she drugged me and abused me sexually, he is supposed to be my Dad but he abused me sexually, he was supposed to my uncle or aunt but they turned me to a slave, they took my parents property after my parents death and left us to suffer, she set me up because I refused to go to bed with him and I was driven from my uncle’s house, he connived with his friends and rapped me…… we can go on and on and on… but one question I’ll ask you is this… “Are You Still Alive“?  If your answer is Yes, then forgive them…. You were not preserved by God to take revenge or to hold on to it. You were preserved by Him from that situation so He could take vengeance for you and also carry the past from and for you. And also use that mess to minister to others so you can be a source of encouragement to others… Oprah Winfrey, Joyce Meyer are both living examples of what God can do by turning a dead end person into an island of safety and encouragement for others.  

The past could also be a broken relationship that looked promising and almost leading to the nut been tied but along the line, you discovered he isn’t ready to settle down in the next five years when you’ve already been in the relationship for 4years, you discovered he doesn’t like baby’s like you do and even if you settle down which is not likely going to happen, you will wait for years before finally having the baby’s, you discovered he’s got a child with another woman already, you discovered she’s a player, based on what she went through in the past,  you discovered she cheated on you with your boss, you got tired of her nagging attitude,  you got tired of her expensive life style e.t.c and now you seem not to want to try anything out as concerning relationships.  It’s been 2 or 3 years now and you are still single all because you are using the past as a yardstick to judge what  your relationship will be. Unfortunately my friend, you will get what you conceive in your heart. No one wants to mingle with folks who hold on to the past and don’t want to Move on with life and start a New beginning because you become a barrier to their own progress and a heavy luggage and if they tried carrying you along but to no avail they have no choice than to drop you; and that s another situation of its own. When they drop you because of your inability and refusal to let go of the past, you feel rejected, dejected and forsaken by friends….. am sorry my friend but no one hurt you but you are the mastermind and stronghold behind yourself. So, tell me, would you rather live your life feeling pity for yourself or you want to live everyday knowing you have friends and family who loves and supports you to grow and become a better you next year…….?  I believe you will choose the side of VICTORY……


Character is defined as attributes or features that make up or distinguish an individual. Just as our faces are different so is our character. A child who lives in Nigeria behaves differently from a child who lives in Ghana. Likewise, a child who lives in UK behaves differently from a child who lives in the US. Our upbringing shapes our character, our parents shapes our character, our environment shapes our character, our friends shapes our character and our belief system shapes our character. A child with a very tough upbringing will grow up to be tough on his own kids,wanting everyone to be hard-working no matter the measures used to achieve it, he wants everything done quickly withouta waste of time….. although it is good, but when there’s no consideration to how this success is achieved, a child can grow up to achieve it through any means possible, starting from cheating in exams, manipulating scores after scores has been given for exams written, and then it grows worse if there’s no helping hand to fix him. A child whose parents abuse him for every wrong done at home and from school…. saying such words as “you are so dull, poor handwriting,  you can never make good grades, you better off as a dropout than waste my money on you, you got no brains” this child grows up with the mentality of a failure and then he’s got nothing to pass on to his own kids except he marries a good wife who breaks through this yoke or the child is close to some intelligent kid in school or grandma or grandpa realizes their mistakes on time and changes their method for their grandkids then it’s doom. A child who grew up in an environment that always got conflict like a source of life. Meaning if there’s no conflict in a day, people seem uncomfortable and tend to start up something. When such people grow up, they might not be comfortable in a day without starting an issue. Now whatever category you belong, it is not too late to have a change of character. It’s time to take responsibility for yourself and decide to go into the year 2017 differently. Write down how you will achieve these changes….get a person that you can rely on and can check up on you and also scold you so long as you are on the path to change and don’t you forget to include God because without him you can’t achieve this…


Friendship and not just family is one of the things that drives the universe and makes it fun to be. No matter where you are on the face of the earth, you will always remember family and friends. Even in your toughest moments, you will remember that friend who’s always there for you. But sometimes we are surrounded with friends who can’t support or help us to grow in certain areas of our lives. If you are hot tempered and you got friends who see it as normal then it’s time to cut the link and connect to friends who tells you.. “Be slow to anger“. If whenever you want to break New grounds in a business or got an idea on how something can be done better but your friends gives you a Hundred and one reasons why it is impossible then it’s time to say goodbye to such friends and connect with friends who believe………….. “You can make anything happen and they will support you as well“. If as a man you hit your wife and your friends thinks its totally cool to hit a woman and shut them up sometimes; then my friend you are sitting on a grenade ready to launch… don’t waste time break the connection. If you are happily married and you got friends who tells you “All men cheat so join the club” bro don’t waste time with such friends they are bad influence, cut them off. If you are in college and you got friends who tells you “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy always” and there’s never a time to sit and study together as friends….. oh boy, you don’t need such group of friends. If as a lady your friend tells you its “Ok to have a sugar Daddy” since your parents don’t send cash often then that’s an agent of destruction…. cut her off……. If your friends tells you its “Ok to double date and its fun” then you get a big scissors and cut him/her off. If you got friends who tells you is “Ok to tell a little white ” just to get out of trouble then that friend is not needed because one little white lie leads to more white lies which later becomes an habit………… You got to ask yourself this “A brand New Year” is coming in in a day from now, am I going in with these junks of friends? Answer it………….

In conclusion, 2017 is pregnant with so many goodies for those who are ready to deliberately let go of the past, let go of fake and bad influencing friends, and also decides to change any character that won’t help in self progress and collective happiness……….. on behalf of myself, family, friends and girlfriend (Lovely friend) I wish you a Happy New Year in a day from now🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆


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